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Build a Legacy.

Design your life.

Ways I can help you:

Podcast Production & Coaching & Consulting

via Perk Digital 


Speaking & Workshops on a range of topics, including: 

  • podcasting
  • online presence
  • digital marketing
  • teaching & presenting online
  • health & wellbeing
  • self-care & resilience
  • life design

Teacher/School Wellbeing Coaching & Consulting

via Self-Care for Teachers

About Ellen

The founder of Perk Digital and Self-Care for Teachers, Ellen Ronalds Keene is an educator, coach, podcaster and entrepreneur. Ellen spent a decade as a teacher before making the shift into the online business world.

As well as being an Advanced Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching, Ellen has a Bachelor of Learning Management, and a range of certificates in Digital Marketing.

She has followed her passions for education, online communication and health, and now splits her time between her teacher wellbeing support business Self-Care for Teachers, and supporting other online business owners to design their life, make an impact and share their knowledge with the world via her agency, Perk Digital.

About Ellen’s work

Self-Care for Teachers is an online teacher wellbeing hub founded by Ellen Ronalds Keene, including a podcast, coaching services and a series of wellbeing resources.

The Teacher Wellbeing Podcast is entering its 5th season and Ellen also regularly runs online webinars, live workshops and retreats for teachers about health and wellbeing topics and a fortnightly mastermind for others in the teacher health and wellbeing space in Australia.

Perk Digital is the new online home of Ellen’s business support services and consulting. Perk Digital’s mission is to help businesses perk up their digital presence through effective and educational content, and to help business owners perk up their lives by not trying to do all the digital tasks themselves (especially the ones they don’t know how to/aren’t good at/hate).

Offering digital strategy, podcast & video production, social media management, email marketing and course curriculum consulting, Perk Digital helps prevent business owners burning themselves out on the hamster wheel on online content creation and production.


You are a person first and a business owner second, and you deserve to enjoy your life.

Digital Homebody


noun informal

noun: digital homebody; plural noun: digital homebodies

an entrepreneurial person who combines the magical, Hermione Granger-esk wizardry of the internet with the quirky, do-your-own-thing, business-lady-but-with-a-life-outside-of-business, ‘small town, cosy world’ Lorelai Gilmore life philosophies.

I’m working towards that life and I’m here to help you do the same.